Eat an apple, or a lot of apples. When you get to the core, pull out the seeds as they become apparent to you and keep them in your pockets or (if you lack pockets) in your purse, if you carry one around. If you touch them when you are anxious, they will absorb the nervous part of your energy, leaving you with clean, fresh energy to use for whatever it is you were nervous about. This will help you to grow.

It is important to eat as much of the apple as possible, so as to avoid waste. (I have one for lunch at least once a week, but that happened before I started doing this.) The seeds are a gift and should be thought of as such.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like walking around with bits of plant in their pockets for very long, one might surmise that the seeds have done all they’re going to when the brown seed coat dries and cracks and only the inner white endosperm is left. They’ll usually have worked their way out of your pockets by then, but if not, you might as well drop them on the ground.

A fairly passive spell, along the same theoretical lines as trouble dolls, worry beads, or any kind of constantly-worn jewelry, but so far reasonably effective.