It’s been a long time, kids. It’s been almost exactly two years. Wow!

I thought I’d deleted this blog, or at least locked it down so hard that no one would be able to find it again when my mom said the name was too good to give up. Wow!!

Given that neither of those things turned out to be true (and my mom was right: this is a really solid title)…here we are again.

In the last two years, life has happened a whole bunch, basically. I’ve moved out of my aunt’s house because she fairly suddenly wanted to live in it again or charge actual rent and I couldn’t find a roommate I wouldn’t sort of want to wall in “Cask of Amontillado” style. I’m now living in a really adorable apartment downtown in a relatively peaceful historic neighborhood, where occasionally someone drives by at two in the morning and fires some rounds at the neighbors. (It happened on exactly one occasion, and I slept through it.)

Really the worst thing about my apartment is that it does not, in fact, have a bathtub. It’s been a real struggle, but I’m soldiering on. One of my neighbors is my friend H. from grad school, and she lets me use hers when she goes out of town and needs someone to check on her cats. It’s keeping me going.

I’ve changed jobs, too; I’m working as a reference librarian at the main branch of the local system, and it’s…frankly, it’s amazing. I love my job; I don’t hate going to work, and I still drink a lot, but mostly because it’s the only way I can convince myself to clean my house without dying of boredom.

And because I don’t have a bathtub, or a real bathroom, or the ability to not panic about my dog’s nails fucking up my landlord’s floors (different landlord, same deal), and because I love my job and want to stay for long enough to build up some real experience, I am…looking for a house. To buy.

So that’s why I’m starting the blog back up. That, and because I miss writing. I’m pretty decent at it, and I’d like to get better.

Thanks for sticking around, anyone who’s still here, and welcome to Part II.