I’m at a weird point in my life, because I graduate in May and I have no idea what to do next.

I have no plans. I have no real goals. I have no idea where I want to be, or what I want to be working towards. (Well, I want to be a writer, and I’m trying to work on that–but unless and until I can find a way to make enough money to support myself from that, it’s not something I can just do.)

I have…kind of a lot of money saved up, and I’m restless. I might just go traveling, because–why not? What is there to stop me?

I keep picking things to work at because they seem like the next logical step in Making The Best Of It, but that’s not working anymore. I’m just…I have no idea what the hell to do next. It’s weird, and it’s not awful. I’m really privileged in a lot of ways to be able to consider anything other than getting a job to make money to live on, and I know that; might it be worth it to actually use the privilege, instead of just feeling guilty about it all the time?

Maybe I’ll join Americorps, or something. I don’t know. There’s got to be something to do out there other than try to make the best of it.

Maybe I’ll just give it all to charity and get a job.

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” people say. I’m not even sure I have any eggs left, at the moment.