Woke up this morning missing Cleveland.

Well, okay–woke up this morning feeling really excited about how I didn’t have to be anywhere for like three more hours; read an email from a leadership thing I did while I was in Cleveland over the summer and now I’m missing Cleveland. And Boston, kind of, from when I was there a few days ago, and I guess mostly just the places I’ve been where I got to carve out a little life all on my own.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this. I miss the public transportation, and I miss Ohio City, and the giant free art museum, and the lake, and not really the job but a little bit and definitely a few of the people I was working with; I don’t miss being hugely depressed and uncertain about what I was going to do with the rest of my life, but hell, around here we mostly call that “every other day,” so.

I miss hatewatching reality shows with my roommate and trudging to the supermarket as infrequently as I could manage. I miss my roommates in general, because they were neat, especially the one who worked with me.

It’s gray and cold and raining here, and there’s not very much to do except for school and work and endless misery. I’m probably romanticizing a little bit. But still.