Because I am bored, and because I am trying to stay awake long enough that desperation to sleep will force me to finally get my assignments done, here is a list of people I find deeply personally frustrating.

  1. Jewelers.
  2. Anyone I met in middle school.
  3. Group members, unless they are the kind that will pay for pizza and talk about feminism and intersectionality on breaks and make final judgments on one’s character based on one’s opinion on the prison-industrial complex.
  4. Mechanics I’m not related to.
  5. People who choose to loudly proclaim their opinions in public spaces for the edification of neutral passersby. Particularly when they develop a crowd of hangers-on. If nothing else, it takes up the sidewalk.
  6. People who feel the need to have intimate, snuggly, hand-holding, face-touching conversations in the middle of the sidewalk.
  7. Anyone in a snapback.
  8. Anyone who shops at Whole Foods. (I have started shopping at Whole Foods; I am frequently deeply frustrated with myself, so the point stands.)
  9. Anyone.
  10. Everyone.
  11. All humans everywhere.
  12. Large percentages of the more intelligent species of animal; all insects.
  13. Leafy greens.

Okay well if nothing else the guilt has kicked in. Better update later.