Still alive! Still alive, have not died. Have essentially run out of things I know how to make that are not “put thing into thing, cook until not raw, put in mouth, regret one or two seasoning decisions,” also known as “try to make red beans and grits and then add salsa so it tastes like anything at all,” which, don’t. Just don’t.

What I need at this point, I think, is–not a cooking class, because I’m too ornery for that and my schedule is bonkers so I’d never remember to go. I need someone else to plan my meals for me, though, and give me shopping lists, and tell me at what point in the week I should make which things. And then hit me with a spoon when I don’t do it.

(Also, tell me how to make one- or two-person food, since it’s just me and my cousin, and we don’t always eat at the same time or eat the same food.)

I’m in class. The professor’s voice is very soothing because it is very quiet and I have already been told all of the warnings she is giving us. (A friend and I have agreed that a nap would be advantageous at this time. “What do we want? A nap! When do we want it? Come back in an hour.” Simple and effective.)

But! It is apparently important to be consistent in blogging, and so…I do not know where that leaves us. I have lost another ocean of structure in the incredibly slowly-moving set of tectonic plates that are sinking back into the magma that destroys and creates them, which is serving as a metaphor for my life, because I cannot think of anything else.

So like. I have no idea…what I am going to do now. Is what I am saying. Probably try to go on some kind of working-my-way-through-The Veganomicon thing, except that nothing on this earth can convince me to make macaroni and cheese with nutritional yeast substitute.

This has been a blog post to kind of fill the void that was me not posting yesterday! I guess! Excelsior! Whatever.