The best and greenest and longest and waviest frond in the entire kelp forest in which I spend most of my time (this entire joke is predicated on your willingness to mispronounce “friend” at regular intervals, so keep that in mind) has gone and transplanted itself back into its natural forest some thousand-odd miles away, and I am not happy about it. They will spend the next several months after that even farther away, and I am not impressed.

(Actually I am really very impressed. Well done, frond!)

In this way, my frond will live a good deal longer than kelp usually does, which is all to our benefit as a global society.

This is all cryptic as shit, but I’m enjoying myself, which has got to be all that matters in this life. (Also, it was do this or try to find more resources on recovering fire-damaged documents or answer a week’s worth of largely-ignored emails, and I just. No. No more. Official business can wait; I am in need of a dirty chai and some kind of chocolate thing, but for economy’s sake I will settle for another iced coffee.)

Today I’m wearing the infamous Batman shirt, which I put on either when I am very much tired of trying to have some kind of personal style; when I am quite angry about a lot of things I can’t do anything about and want to feel, in some really nerdy and ineffective way, Empowered; or when I have a huge amount of work to do. A random stranger, as we crossed paths on my way to this coffee shop, said, “wearing a Batman shirt!” and laughed at me. So that was really helpful. Well done, stranger!

(I don’t really care; I have bigger fashion-related problems, such as the fact that I woke up with a single hair curl that sticks straight out from my head and then points directly upwards. It is less like a curl and more like something preparing to hold an angry picket sign. But what shall it say? We must all wonder together.)

In other news, I am getting a damn iPhone.