What with the turn my life has taken towards the land of complete shamblehood, I have returned to an old habit: I have begun writing fanfiction about my own life.

“Ew,” some of you may be thinking, if more than one of you actually know what fanfiction is. “That’s a little presumptuous, don’t you think?”

Not that kind of fanfiction. These are all just very small, very simple stories to help me get through the work day.

For example:

My supervisor came in and told me I could go home. It was two. I usually left work at five.

When I got home, I discovered all my homework had been finished by a beneficent force in the universe. (This is usually either fairies or aliens or, in alternate universes where I have somehow managed to acquire a significant other who knows anything about library and information sciences and apparently has nothing else to do, that equally mysterious creature.)

Through some miracle, I am dating someone or living with a very close friend, who has made a large quantity of tea. Then we watch horror movies and snuggle.

Most importantly, the next day is always Saturday.

This is a terrible example of what fanfiction can be; the tenses are all kinds of fucked up. But it works very well as a movie, I think you’ll find.

I’ve just realized midterms start Monday. Hahahah. Great joke!