Yesterday (I have got to get this blog up to speed; always writing about the previous day is weeeeird) I spent the whole day in a blurry post-anxiety-attack hangover. Luckily, these are much more readily dismissed than that which causes them. All you have to do is eat a crapton of pizza and put some alcohol in your face and suddenly you feel LOADS BETTER.

That, my friends, was science, so you know it’s true.

Oh god I’m so tired. I think I am going to spend the rest of the summer with my default mood being “oh god I’m so tired,” though, so I might as well get used to it! Ah ha ha ha ha! Cries, tears also blood, you get the drift.

Because I’m taking full-time classes (actually one more class than full time!) and working a full-time (well, nine to five) internship and I just got sort of a little bit shanghai’d into some kind of networking program (of DEATH), and I’m also trying to socialize and explore a little bit, and also I actually forgot (so it is working super well ha ha ha ha) I want to start Couch to 5k again!, and and and and. I am. Tired.

“I think exercising more will give me more energy,” she said, because she was pretending that “having more energy” and “being sore everywhere” were the same.

Oh, and the identity theft thing is still a thing. Because I keep forgetting to do shit about it. So! Yep!

I’m still on top of everything. For now. I might snap and smack my one really annoying coworker in the back of the head, or say something like “shut up people are allowed to like different things and also you are younger than most of the people I speak to regularly even if you are older than me, sit the fuck down”, or…continue to smile and roll my eyes behind their back, something.

Maybe soon they will give me something to do. I have been proving my brain works for weeks now–but I guess that is all they needed done, really. Whatever.

It’s nearly eleven and I want to actually wake up with my alarm tomorrow, so that brings an end to this even more confused and helpless than usual blog post.