It’s after 9:30 PM and it’s still not full dark outside. What are you doing, the midwest? What are you. I do not understand.

I have been reading my field experience guidelines and panicking! So that’s super pleasant. There was a whole paragraph here about how much I am freaking out, but it was kind of a downer. Thing 1 is still watching some kind of loud television show with a studio audience and it is not helping, so I think I will go and take some downers of my own. (By which I mean prescription drugs. For which I actually have a prescription! This paragraph is not much better than the other one, but am I deleting it and trying again with something less bleak? Pssssh.)

So, you should come to Cleveland, if you get a chance, and visit a certain music-based museum of which you might have heard. I am neglecting to write its name in case they find this blog somehow and then find references to my semi-medicated anxiety issues and then fire me. The obvious solution would be not to discuss them at all, but rationality is dead.

Ohhhh lawks I should not be blogging tonight! STOP TYPING NED. HANDS OFF THE KEYS. GO LIE DOWN AND GLARE ANGRILY INTO THE NOT-YET-BLACK CLEVELAND SKY, HOPING TO SEE STARS BUT SEEING ONLY WHATEVER THE HELL COLOR THAT IS. Not that there are stars in Baton Rouge, either, but it’s the principle of the thing? Apparently? Is what I am saying here? Whatever.