My roommate and I have begun the slow process of becoming two people who live together who have any idea what to say to one another. (The third roommate will not be here for another week or so.) Mostly we have been doing this with cooking shows. I made some spaghetti, which was–well, fairly abysmal, but I only got that brand of sauce so I could use the jar to cold-brew coffee in anyway, so never mind.

Tomorrow I begin a strange new eating regimen that involves things called vegetables and something else I have heard of known colloquially as “not eating everything just because it is physically present in front of you.” I am hoping I can manage this without going into some kind of semi-hilarious-but-only-from-the-outside death spiral into the land of people who are always staring longingly at chocolate and making superior remarks about how they never eat it.

I will avoid this terrible fate by simply eating whatever chocolate is there before anyone else can even know it exists. Tonight I did this with a Twix bar that the owner of a cafe down the street gave my mother, for me, for free, for no apparent reason. I’m inherently distrustful of free candy bars, but this one does not seem to have been drugged, so yay!

We also took a trip to Target, where I bought a bath mat, an umbrella, some Trident, and some mildly terrifying Justice League stickers. (“I want to be your friend forever!/”I want to be a modern dancer!”) This marks the third time in my life that I’ve ever been to a Target, but it did help me confirm that my roommate has a car, and that I can sponge rides off her, since we’ll be working at the same place.

Also she’s very nice! And things! In case she ever finds this! It also has the benefit of being true.

I’m really curious about Roommate #2. (For now I am pretending I won’t just end up calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2, a la Dr. Seuss, even though I haven’t even met one of them yet, even though that eventuality is a doomed one, even though I am not sure it makes any sense to switch around the words in the phrase “doomed eventuality”! DESPITE ALL OF THESE THINGS.) She won’t be here for another week.

Still tired; not sure if because my body still thinks it’s somewhere else or if it just really, really hates traveling to/sleeping in dorm rooms (the face I keep making every time I say “dorm room”: :c ) or if it’s nervous about tomorrow, or all of them? Probably all of them. Poor body. To which horrible things, like decorative stab wounds and the use of terrible sources of fuel, are often done. Oh well. I appreciate that it perseveres.

Mom left me another clock. When it gets quiet, the only sound is the ticking, which will slowly drive me insane, I think. Cannot decide whether to rip the battery out and give the thing a Viking funeral or set it back an hour and so always have somewhere to look so I don’t have to remember about the time difference, although it is one whole hour and you would think it would not be hard to subtract by one–and yet it is. It really, really is.