I’m in Cleveland! I live somewhere! I know, more or less, where my job and a grocery store are! So I will at least not die of starvation. Exhaustion, maybe, because I don’t have a car and I’m not used to walking everywhere, but that is eventually a surmountable problem. ALL PROBLEMS ARE SURMOUNTABLE IF YOU BELIEVE.

(I don’t believe. But oh well.)

As dorms go, this one is pretty nice. We get our own rooms with shared bathroom, kitchen, and common area, none of which are terrible.  Mine’s on the third floor on the busy-street side: I know I sound like a giant hick, but the traffic and the sound of wind through the buildings reminds me a lot of the ocean. But then, so do most things, like the colors blue, green, brown, and gray (all shades), and anything made of chitin, and Goldfish crackers, when I’m feeling particularly nostalgic.

Oh my god I’m so tired. Forgive me. I have finally got somewhere with a bed; I am going to go and sleep in it.