Are we doing this again? We’re doing this again! Why would we NOT be doing this again, is clearly a better question.

Hello, blog, sorry I haven’t visited you in weeks, sorry you are thus a messy and kind of gross piece of online real estate because of that (by comparison), I am doing the best I can! (My apartment is also kind of a messy and gross piece of real estate. No, it isn’t, it just never feels clean enough of late. I should probably vacuum!)

This month’s NaBloPoMo is about “comfort.” The first prompt is about stuffed animals, but I don’t want to write about that–I’m a loner, Data. A rebel.

I’ve been thinking about “comfort zones,” though. How you’re just supposed to end up in one, and then it’s supposed to be easy to stay in it, but for me it never has.

For example, I’m…approximately a third of the way through one grad program and I’m so bored it’s sapping the life out of me, so I’m looking at doing another one in marine biology and/or oceanography. As you do.

I don’t under any circumstances want to stay in Baton Rouge, but I’m supposed to live in Cleveland for a summer internship and I’m terrified of that, too. Comfort zones!

This has been a blog post to say that sometimes things are weird.

I’m working on it. I like blogging; I’ll be back.