No dreams, maybe unfortunately. Probably not unfortunately. I don’t know, it’s been a long day. My phone died in the night (we can go more dramatic–my phone’s battery life was absconded with by a thief in the night, and that thief is Time!; my phone’s life was cut short all too soon, ended in its prime by that killer which must come to us all), so my alarm didn’t go off–but thankfully I didn’t miss my midterm because I woke up in time anyway.

Still trying to finish this govdocs assignment. I would go into more specifics, but one, I’m still taking the class and the internet is kind of public for complaining, and two, it would be really, really boring. Which is kind of the way much of library school is turning out to be. BUT I WILL PERSEVERE.

So I have to finish that and then go write some CSS for my other homework due tomorrow and then I don’t even know, cry myself to sleep, probably…but this too shall pass! Midterms week can only take so many years off my life, and after that I will rest. Sleep the sleep of the just. That sort of thing.