Midterms week. Is why I forgot to post yesterday, and so lost NaBloPoMo before it even began. Yeah, let’s totally blame it on midterms week. And not on the fact that I fell asleep at like 9:30. Which I guess we could also blame on midterms week, if we wanted me to be blame-free (which we do!).

Okay, the pronouns in that bit got a little wacky. But we shall persevere!

Continuing in the theme of “risks,” I am bravely going on with the procrastinator’s best friend that is “not studying,” since it worked for me really well on the midterm on Wednesday and the one tomorrow morning is open book. And open notes. And free use of the internet. And I can ctrl+f like nobody’s business.

But I should probably go to sleep, or at least to bask quietly in the knowledge that by all appearances my life is a lot more turmoil-free than that of many of those around me. Touch wood. NOT INVITING CONTROVERSY.

I shall also try my best to dream of mermaids, because why not? Failing that, margaritas, because the weekend after midterms must eventually arrive, and I have plans that mostly involve less than perfect sobriety and also enchiladas.