Shitty title. Bear with me. I’m not great at titles.

Apparently this month’s theme–it’s National Blog Posting Month, by the way, that’s what NaBloPoMo is, and I would really like to get back to posting regularly on this thing–is all about taking risks. And since I am trying to be less risk-averse, I’ve decided to watch Iron Sky while I avoid cleaning my apartment instead of Doctor Who. (I finished Arrested Development again.)

I mean, obviously it’s not a huge risk, given that it’s hard to go wrong with space Nazis. I’m working on it. You start with the little things; before you know it you’re climbing up tall things and remembering to do regular exercise and eat vegetables. I mean, first you have to wash the dishes, because it’s been a stressful couple of weeks and all the knives are dirty so you’re having a lot of difficultly cutting things up and living at the center of a pizza nexus means that you can rotate between various places for a longish time before you start to feel the risk of shame by the delivery people.

…Maybe a good risk for me to take (starting small!) would be working on not getting defensive. Does it count as defensive if you’re just telling people about all the ways they’re wrong?


I’ve been trying to take more risks in general lately. So far, that has taken the shape of applying for internships for which I am not technically qualified, not waiting so long to call people back that whatever I was going to call them about has happened already, and, somewhat ironically, not calling my therapist back.

I think risks are important. I think playing it safe just means you stay in the same place all the time waiting for things to change. You end up with a lot of regrets, but in my experience it really is harder to face up to all the things you haven’t done.

So…hi, NaBloPoMo bloggers! Hope you’re well. Have a great month!