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I’m back, y’all. Writing, for once, from the actual bathtub that started it all! (Not really, that one’s at my mom’s house.) I’d take a picture and put it as the cover image, but honestly I don’t…want to? Or something?

(I really need to clean, like, everything in my apartment.)

Everyone in grad school is so far under the deeply flawed misapprehension that I’m organized and efficient. And possibly also very excitable, given that they keep telling me to calm down. (I hate everything and I’ve gotten out of practice pretending I know how to interact with other humans.) I think I’ve got straight As so far, so that’s nice. Ask me again after midterms. (Don’t.)

(This blog post is all about parenthetical citations and how to use them for–well, probably minimum effect.)

I’m going to try to do National Blog Posting Month, I guess. It’s all about risks. I’m mostly a really unfortunately cautious person, which wrecks a lot of stuff for me sometimes. But I’m trying to be better about it. Also, blogging is approximately a million percent cheaper than therapy! So there’s that.