Sleep is boring.

Jason and I drink coffee and are mean about strangers together. Sunday night he got upgraded to “person who gets sent weird text messages in Spanglish when I drink too much wine.” Unfortunately, his liver or some other important abdominal organ is broken, and the entirety of modern medicine has not yet figured out how to repair it; he’s in the middle of a pain cycle, which means he can’t eat much and he is, as he said, not great company.

I wanted to be around people today. I was bored, and I didn’t want to do my homework or the chores you are supposed to do to be an adult, so I offered to bring almost everyone I know coffee. Virginia works at a…some kind of plant about an hour away, and I would have brought her chai but she didn’t know where she would be by the time I got there. I brought Mom some at work and talked to her coworker about running.

It’s raining again. I theoretically love the rain, but not lately. It keeps me from running or riding my bike to the grocery store when I feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin. I suppose it shouldn’t, but I haven’t leveled up quite that much yet. And I keep staring at the stain on the ceiling hoping it won’t get darker and drip again. Nothing yet. Fingers crossed.

On Friday there is a Flogging Molly concert in New Orleans. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going with Jordan, though, and I’m not sure if he’s bringing other people (like Virginia) or not. We are friends, but we usually do not have terribly much to say to each other, so that will be interesting.