I rode my bike to Bet-R today after class! It was really fun, actually–the roads were empty enough that the background hatred drivers here have for everyone else (it’s a spell they put on the cars, you sit in one and your general level of aggression goes up by about seventeen) was muted to a dull roar, and I pedaled along quite serenely.

The roads in Mom’s neighborhood are still in a stage of reconstruction that largely seems to involve large white trucks showing up every now and then to spray water on the gravel to keep the dust down and then driving away before anyone can realize they haven’t actually done anything, but bikes are better on gravel than cars–I worried a little obsessively about popping my tire, but then did not.

Whatever’s been floating around in the back of my head re: bikes and transportation and carbon footprints seems to have clicked, finally. I intend, in a way that feels as though I will actually do it, for once, to ride my bike a lot more frequently than I have in the past, and to use it for things like light grocery shopping and visiting friends. I’m looking forward to it.

Sarah and I signed up for an exercise program that is supposed to encourage you to attend various classes for point values. Neither of us can go to any classes, of course, because all the useful or interesting ones (mainly yoga) are scheduled at lunch time or (in my case) for not-quite-early-enough in the morning. (8:30 AM classes. Terrible idea.) They hand out gimmicky little “passports,” or something; I might go get mine just to write snide remarks in it and to keep as a souvenir.