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Hello hello I took a week off. Apparently. When I am depressed I like to post on the internet because it is some kind of connection to the outside world, albeit a fake one; when I feel better I like to journal, because I don’t know why. (Alternately, I switched back to journaling because my handwriting had started to go to shit, since all my homework is on the computer.)

I have decided to go ahead and be in grad school properly. This means: whining less; resisting less; studying more; trying more, and being more diverse in the things I try. For example, I am going to apply for a summer internship at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if I can talk my advisor into writing me a letter of recommendation. (She said she had no idea what she would say. I will use the Power of Self-Advertising, or something; I really, really want to spend a summer doing things in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, because obviously.)

I have also thrown myself into being a hipster, which at this point mostly means I’m choosing to be obsessed with The Decemberists. Five years late. Oh well, I still remember the words to “Of Angels and Angles” from that one time at nerd camp when I stole Freddie-May’s CD and listened to it on repeat like ninety-seven times.

Awww, nostalgia.

Anyway. Hope everyone’s well; I am.