No, actually, today was pretty okay; I went to class, where I didn’t pay much attention but did mostly finish the homework that’s due next week. Then I came home and did nothing for approximately seven hours. Then Virginia and I went to her first and my second viewing of Les Miserables, which was still excellent the second time. It sounds weird, but I finally get why people like crying at sad movies, kind of–admittedly pretty much anyone can find something to cry about in the mortality rate of French college-age revolutionaries, but. Still. Between this and Saturday’s shenanigans and finally managing to force myself to at least start cleaning my room again I’m feeling a lot better.

(Also Hobbes found the Whose Line is it Anyway? online archive for me, or for himself, but he sent me a link, and if there is one thing that can motivate me into functioning it is British improv. They have the entire first series, too.)

Tomorrow–or, no, sorry, Wednesday–I’m going to write about CDs, because I got some new ones and I like them! Hooray!