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Oh my god particles, this feels illogically early. Sarah and I have decided to try to get back into the habit of exercising more regularly, because it was really nice last summer–not so much the exercise itself but the parts afterwards, where you get to stop and feel all proud of yourself. Also, endorphins! Also, less depression and anxiety! Yesterday I had my first anxiety attack in I don’t even know how long, I think I’m overthinking grad school. I should probably go back to therapy? I don’t know.

I do know that I’m supposed to be at Sarah’s in ten minutes and I have to go find my slippers to walk over there. It’s like four minutes away; there’s no chance I’m bothering with shoes for that.

It is so early! I normally wake up around now, but then I lie there and stare at things and don’t pretend like I have any interest in doing anything! Blergh, morning people, I want to be one of you but to be frank I’m not entirely sure you actually exist. I think you’re all lying.