Last night, in theory, I went dancing with Stephanie and her friends from college, and it was awesome!

In practice, we drove bemusedly around NOLA for like an hour and a half and ended up on the same four blocks of Magazine Street on which I’ve spent most of my time in New Orleans.

But we didn’t go to the same places, which was nice. I have now finally been to The Bulldog, and I have finally embarked on the slow process of accepting that I really don’t like beer. (Sarah makes it sound so awesome! It is not.) There’s a–some kind of something, a type of–brew?–called “Double Chocolate Stout” that tastes nothing like chocolate. In this country we have laws about truth in advertising. Or so I thought.

Tequila is still really great, though.

We also had desserts and other random bits of food (I ate everyone’s cornichons because no one else wanted them) at Salú, where for some reason the desserts ended up free. Someone named Greg came out and told us so.

There are a lot of polyamorous relationships in Louisiana, much to my surprise–or I guess not, because there’s not that much to do here when the football season’s over, really. Especially in Baton Rouge or Hammond.

And now I have to go do my homework, because it’s due tomorrow. Ugh math gross.