The sun finally came out! And I angrily wore a sundress to show support of it! Also leggings and a sweater and a heavy trenchcoat and thick socks and heavy boots. (Are Docs heavy boots? Workboot-style, I guess. Something.)

Do other people do that? Dress because they’re mad at the weather? That’s a completely logical reaction, right? Lie and say yes!

Also today I decided to not panic and drop out of grad school. I now have the phone numbers of two of my compatriots, both of whom do not seem to hate me! This is how I am counting my social success since I don’t have Facebook. (Maybe I’ll get Facebook! No, no, that is the path of eternal despair; I am going to continue to not.)

Tomorrow I will write Fennel and Rue, and then I will post it; but not tonight, as tonight is Elementary night at Virginia’s in Gonzales, and soon I have to leave to buy the coffee for it.