Fennel and Rue…tomorrow. Or probably Friday? I accept that I’m not exactly winning at this whole regular-updates thing, but:

It is cold. (How cold is it?) Cold enough that this is not a joke about how cold it is.

I live in Louisiana, so right now it’s 37°. You can laugh at me if you want. I’m wearing leggings underneath my pajama pants and a tank top underneath my T-shirt underneath my cardigan underneath a giant sweatshirt thing, so you probably should laugh at me. Laughter is good! It stimulates blood flow, which makes you warmer.

Today I…bought a new computer. Like, just walked up to the Apple store, talked to some people about some things, and then walked out with a briefcase-style box with a brand new Mac in it. I almost asked them if they could hide it in something that didn’t say “mug me” quite so loudly. Rich people go buy computers straight from the store because they start having problems with the one they already have; me people do not.

But, as my mom said, I did just start grad school, and if it’s going to crap out on me I might as well get a new one now and make a totally new start when the whole thing is just starting than have to fight my way through all the data transfer-y bits and trying to figure out how the hell to get my entirely-too-many gigs of music from column A to column B in the middle of also trying to finish a final project.

(I am waiting for the new iTunes to process approximately 12000 more songs. It is making me chatty, I guess.)

But it’s still just so. cold. It’s finally stopped raining. The weather is instead choosing to sprinkle us from a great height. This morning it was exactly enough to make me think I would be okay without an umbrella, which was…the wrong choice. And now I am throwing that umbrella away, because it was more broken than I thought it was. Unless someone knows how to fix things, in which case, please, I welcome you. I’ve got a MacBook you might want to take a look at and everything…