No new story bit today, unfortunately. Because:

  • there’s a leak in my ceiling
  • I don’t even live on the top floor?!?!
  • got my period early
  • my computer can’t connect to wireless internet for reasons (so I’m sitting on the floor by the modem with an ethernet cable, and it’s freezing, because the modem is by the sliding door that is the only way into my apartment and the sliding door is not properly sealed)
  • second day of grad school
  • it’s cold, and the heater does not blow warm air?????
  • it has been raining for the last week and a half

Honestly it’s just because I fell behind, and I feel bad about it. I do. So! When my internet is resolved there will be TWO new bits, and then things will go on as normal. I have an appointment with the Genius Bar tomorrow because it’s probably the (something technological). At this rate they’re probably going to tell me I need a new computer, and then I will just–not do anything. At all. I will smile, and be very polite, and wait to scream my head off until AFTER I get in the car. It is all in the timing.