A better day, or a more productive one. I made kale chips! I washed the dishes! I also made coffee!

I am working on my reading assignments for next week!

I am managing not to overthink how many times anyone says anything about, you know, how much customer service is involved in being a librarian!

Because I am very, very bad at interacting with other humans I don’t know, just, SO bad. At it. And everything I am reading is like “and the ART of LIBRARIANING is in its SERVICE to OTHER HUMANS.” On the other side of all of–that, I introduced myself to my classmates in a forum for one of the classes I’m taking this semester as “here because I like books more than people.” So. That will…go…well! I imagine!

Orientation is tomorrow. I imagine it will also go well. I am especially looking forward to the parts where I learn how to log on to programs I’ve been using for the last three and a half years, since I went to undergrad here. But also networking, or something.

Gonna go SUPER WELL. Yep. Sure is. Face-meltingly competent, that’s me. Gonna buy wine on the way home from it, is what I’m going to do, and in that at least no one and nothing can horrifically affect my future.