I am home from New Orleans. I have brought the following things back with me:

  • a mug from Rue de la Course (Christmas present from Ezra!)
  • a shirt from Z’otz
  • a mixer (hand-me-down from Ezra’s mom Ms. Robin!)
  • a spiral piercing (TONIGHT IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE YOUNG)

I have come back to face these things:

  • emails from grad school
  • work to do for grad school
  • apparently an entirely new schedule for grad school
  • not enough brown paper bags to breathe into

But it’s going to be okay. Because I am…something. I am face-meltingly competent, is what I am, a slight difficulty with reading signs and inevitably burning myself on hot beverages notwithstanding (hot coffee is like seventy-five cents cheaper, but it hurts so much). Tomorrow I am going to go finish the hell out of my job application and turn it in, and then go buy clothes, and then I will do something truly difficult.

I will buy vegetables. Well, no, that’s not hard.

I will eat them.

It is a new year. I am going to WIN IT.