Hello, my name is Ned. Some of my more useful talents include skillfully avoiding the silica gel that was for some reason left among the sugar packets and trying to make coffee in a teapot with several single-serving coffee pouch things. (You can, but you should not, is the final verdict.)

I can also do a backbend, given sufficient warning and time to warm up, and I have never left the house with my underwear on the outside of my clothing.

This has been your selection of random facts for Tuesday, January 2nd. Sorry, Wednesday, January 2nd. Whenever now is. Feel free to leave your own; depending on the category in which you choose to compete, points will be awarded for honesty (which means “potential to embarrass”) or creativity (which means “best lie”).

(I have tagged this as “Truthful Tuesday” because for some reason I cannot accept that it is Wednesday, and also because there is not an alliterative word that means “truthful” and goes with “Wednesday”. I also look forward to the confusion I will feel in the future. “Tuesdays you update Fennel and Rue; Wednesdays you write a couple of weird things about yourself down. But it’s called Truthful Tuesday because reasons. You have only yourself to blame.”)